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Untitled: A Ghost Story

After leaving the Institute (a place for children with "special" abilities), Eames Blackheart is still adamantly swearing that one of his closest friends, Ghost, is straight. When he finds Ghost in a compromising position, everything he thought he was sure of gets twisted inside out, and he's left to revisit feelings he thought were safely locked away. **BL** Sensitive topics WILL come up in the future, and some heavy themes will be played out. Please read left to right Art gets consistent eventually



So, long story short, I'm in pain and I haven't been able to sit and draw at all. I've been trying to finsih the pages of Not Named I had going already, so that's why that has been updated and not Untitled, and I have to flat out plan Untitled pages for this chapter. But, yeah, if you want the whole thing (maybe like two paragraphs) go check my tumblr post here :
Other wise, I'm sorry again, and I'm going to update as soon as I can. Thanks for stickin' with me!

posted by smudgeart @ November 28th, 2015, 8:12 pm  -  1 comments

Stuff you should look at

Uhhhmmmm???? What is this news thing?? I apparently used this before, I dont remember ahahaaa oops.
Anyway, this happens to be a GREAT time to ask a question and give you all something I wanted to share WITHOUT faking you out and making you think there was an update... even though there WAS one today.
Anyway, if you see this, you SHOULD read it, since there's some extra stuff for you all.

So first.. who would be interested in reading:
+ a fantasy/adventure comic ? BL still, following the captain and an elf that just so happens to be unlucky enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. This one's actually pretty planned out, I just would have to write and draw the beginning and I'd be set to go. Though, I can't promise it will be a perfectly happy, light hearted tale lolololl like at all. Sure there will be funny and nice moments but uh, there are parts that will kill your soul :>
+ a BL comic that follows the members of a band. There would be, probably, some GL and het in there, too, actually. This one has no real set plot in mind, but i have bits of a plot and important parts (like how I started in my mind with Untitled, actually) and an almost-full set of characters.. this one would take more work in planning but i've got most of what I need.
+ a spin off of Untitled, that I've been thinking about ACTUALLY. Not about these characters, but set in their world.. following another person that happened to grow up in the Institute. *edit* JK LOL. This one is totally more spiritual and super natural with more emphasis on the dudes "power"

Obviously, Untitled is always my main concern. Even when I have other things to do, and when I don't work on it, I promise i always THINK about working on it.. even though I'm shitty, hopefully i'll be getting a lot of issues resolved soon and will work more. But i find that it helps, like if nothing's really working, to have something else to warm up with, or something else to do while Untilted is giving me a difficult time. IT's a nice funnel for other situations to channel out of, so that the space for Untilted stays neat and organized and clear from clutter and stupid , extra, ideas.

Anyway. I also am working on illustrations for each character from Untilted, in the main cast. Yes, Harley and Ewin happen to be just as much main cast as Thi and Hector (we'll be seeing more of them) and there will be other main characters introduced. Thought we were done cause the dorks look like they're getting on the right path? NOt at all. Eames has a lot of shit that's going to happen with him, regardless of the Ghost situation. So, there are no pictures YET... but I did use charahub for the first 4 character profiles. You should know them by name lol.... so yeah, I'll put pictures when I get there, here:

posted by smudgeart @ July 6th, 2015, 1:20 pm  -  5 comments

Character Questions!

SO. So just get me to make little doodles, and possibly give some interesting background info, I'm opening addressed asks! This just means that you are free to ask a question to ANY of my characters, and they'll respond to you ! (like a mini one panel comic type thing)
I might not answer all the questions- duh. I reserve that right.
Ask me on my tumblr:

posted by smudgeart @ August 26th, 2014, 5:47 pm  -  0 comments

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