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smudgeart, September 6th, 2014, 9:40 am ( Reply )

Thanks for 150 fans, you guys!!! You're all so great =w=
Okkkkay. I was going to color this... and then I didn't ;;>.> oopsie~
Maybe I'll do a color one for every 100 fans, and a sketch for every 50 inbetween
*ahaha, Smudge, you're talking like it's not a pure miracle that 10 people liked this shit, let alone 150*
IN OTHER NEWS... I might put another page up today :3
So... yeah. Smackjeeves is strange. So I'm letting you know. I gotta shower and stuffs- but I have the page on my desktop, so.. all I gotta do is drawwwwww.
I might do that! So... yeah!
Thanks again ^^ ~ <3

**My mom just chewed me out cus she saw this, and asked me why I put a clip in Ghost's hair. She said it makes him look like a girl, and that's why I 'don't get so many hits'. Because it's confusing.
When I got a little upset at the BASELESS and frankly offensive comments, she told me I have issues- since I can't take criticism.
She said his face looks like a boy, but she thought it was a girl because of the clip. And why would I put a clip in a guy's hair?
I'm not complaining- I know that I do complain a lot here, because it's honestly kinda helpful and relieving, but I wanted to bring this up and edit this comment to say something about that.
Why the fuck CAN'T a boy have a clip in his hair? That's the MOST ABSURD thing I heard this week. Boys wear clips in their hair to hold it back- why the fuck not?! They wear headbands, why not clips? Boys can wear WHATEVER THE FUCK THEY WANT, OKAY?? If a guy wants to wear a clip, or a dress, or a fucking dinosaur costume- YOU ROCK IT, GUY. People can wear what they want, and they can do what they want to their hair. And I'm fucking sick of people around here trying to say otherwise.
Get over yourself, society. People are individuals, and their taste can differ from you and it's not wrong. It's right. Because anything that's true to who you are is right. I don't give a damn what other people want to say- that's what I think. And to live with someone who says stupid shit like this- and gets DEFENSIVE ABOUT IT??
My character has a Ghost clip in his hair because his name is Ghost- and I thought it was cute.
He can wear all the fucking clips in his hair that he wants.
YOu know what- next chapter, he might have a clip in his hair.
Fucking deal with it. He likes clips, and wants them in his hair? Let him rock on with his cute little self.

Advertisement, September 22nd, 2019, 1:11 pm ( Reply )

smudgeart, September 6th, 2014, 10:35 pm ( Reply )

@shadowpen: Ahhh thank you.. i really liked the clip idea, i thought it was really adorable >~>
BUT. Yes. I agree with you 100%, and I'm really glad that I make you feel that way, because I think it's a terrible thing for people to say or act like, and others thinking and being more excepting is wonderful :) Everyone can have their own opinion, but it's WRONG when you start to force it onto other people. That's where the line is really drawn- and that's when you try to force them to think like you, or even just shame them for what they like.
It's wrong. Your opinion is your own. Making others feel baad because of it is not okay. ANd that's just it.

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shadowpen, September 6th, 2014, 10:28 pm ( Reply )

excuse my rant...
the first thing i thought when i saw this was "omg how adorable, he has a little ghost clip to match his name!" i agree with you, and your rant actually reminded me of how i feel on this subject, and how true it is (or should be) that people should be able to wear things like that if they want to. you made me smile and want to poke at those 'rules' a bit more often and be more supportive of those who do too :) it is sad though that so many people accept, speak and pass on these types of things without thinking about them and the effect they can have on others. i hate that mentality of 'i think you're wrong, so i don't care if my words are hurtful to you, i'm still right'. this is why i study social sciences -_- to try to understand all sides of these kinds of issues. but people being thoughtless toward others like that really gets to me.

shadowpen, September 6th, 2014, 10:37 pm ( Reply )

@smudgeart: yes, exactly. :(

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