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smudgeart, December 19th, 2014, 12:20 pm ( Reply )

Have a random picture of a little deaf boy that's for a different story completely! YAYY!!

Okay, but really. Sorry.. I meant to get a page a day up at least over break, and I wanted two pages up together for these next two pages- but my hands won't fucking cooperate with me. I know that my pages are sketchy and gross, but trust me when I say they can be a LOT worse. I've draw the next page at least 6 times now, and I keep deleting it. Yes, I draw and delete full pages, if anyone has wondered ever why sometimes it takes really long. Idk... Ghost is getting hard to draw for some reason... >_> I'll have to punish him by taking away his candy.

So besides Untitled news. Me has a question. I need something random for warm ups, and practice for action positions and anatomy for some other project I haven't started yet that will come a LOT later. And girls- GOSH I NEED TO DRAW MORE GIRLS. And I want to do something that it doesn't MATTER if it looks like shit, and I won't have to frustrate myself drawing and redrawing the pages like 7 times. Just sketching can be me drawing the same picture about 3 or 4 times, I need a better method for my madness...
But there's a point to this! Let me get to that. I thiiiiiink... for a sort of shitty pass time and for simple practice, I'll start a GL sketch comic. I'm... not a big fan of GL personally. I've never even READ any GL, but I'm not not drawing anything smut related anyway. Sooo... i think I'm going to just sketch for warm ups and practice things an action/fantasy GL webcomic? I think it'll help me take out frustration and get into things more, so that I can hopefully take other things more seriously and with more dedication (ex. Untitled... duh). But then again, idk. Any thoughts? Would you all be interested in seeing that? I can always just keep it for myself and run into the sunset without you people. Your call...

But the sunset does have milkshakes. And if you stay, you risk a world without Bob. Beware.

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smudgeart, December 20th, 2014, 8:08 am ( Reply )

@shadowpen: Yeahh.. i've seen those sites thank you~ I just need more practice.. and I think it would be good for me to stop being so squeamish about girls. It's not even just FxF... I can't draw a girl kissing a boy, either. Idk.. something about girls I don't like it I guess? who knows.. I don't. But i want to get over it, you know? So I thought this was a good way... plus, it's not like there would be anything racy... i don't draw that sort of shit.
This little boy's name is Runi. He's part of a story that has no romantic aspect, and focuses mostly on him and the man who starts to take care of him. There's like.. this whole story and stuff. So that's fun... but when I do that one, I want to do it all nice with tones and stuff and line art. So.. i want practice first. He is deaf... but he'd like... the cutest, most adorable little thing ever, you have NO idea. His personality... he's just so cute.
What's this about InkBlazers...? I've heard nothing

@shadowpen: oh damn... that's crazy!! O___O woah... well, I was never successful on there anyway so.. meh XDD i also didn't read anything there that I can't read elsewhere. Sucks for those people who lose their JOBS though... shit. I feel bad for them.
And yeah... =w=a you don't have to. I'm squeamish with girls.. I can't blame others for it, either. BUt kissing and all that SHIT isn't the focus of any of my comics... so... yeah XD
BUT RUNI. Runi's story is fun and sweet.. >w> I will be doing it one day. Maybe in a bit.. but I'll be doing it~

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shadowpen, December 19th, 2014, 11:07 pm ( Reply )

um, what? XD
my thoughts when i saw the pic: omg who is this adorable boy i love his face and colouring and whoa that's a cool shirt/sleeve design! he's deaf? aww poor kiddo :s
SO. i've never read gl either, honestly, but i guess i could try yours? i follow where you lead, Lady Smudge :p
hey, did you hear about InkBlazers???? i want to cry forever about all the people and support and atmosphere and stories i'll lose. but at least you're here too :)
also there are sites for practicing sketching and anatomy and poses like posemaniacs or pixelovely :) you can set yourself time limits and stuff and i thought it was really cool :) pixelovely does reference photos of animals, hands and feet, facial expressions, full bodies, nudes or clothed (you can choose 'just clothed' and 'just female humans', for example) :) posemaniacs is more for musculature and adjusting angles/point-of-view of a pose like from the side, top, bottom, front, back, etc., if i remember correctly.

shadowpen, December 19th, 2014, 11:18 pm ( Reply )



shadowpen, December 20th, 2014, 9:28 am ( Reply )

inkblazers shuts down and erases everything february 1st (i think that's the date?) because of money issues.
http://www.inkblazers.com/blogs/Inkblazers-Shutdown/detail-page/10226?comment-key=8529 87#comment-852987

i understand your reasoning, so sure, i'll give it a try. and i want to hear this little guy's story someday if i can :)

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