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smudgeart, January 12th, 2015, 11:10 am ( Reply )

LOL i was gonna lineart and shade and do this all nice nice... and then life happened and we're all lucky i even finished the fucking page. I also didn't look back at the script, so if the dialogue seems off, that's why... me trying to fill up too-large speech bubbles. ahahaa

In other words, Eames is an adorable idiot.

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smudgeart, January 12th, 2015, 11:37 am ( Reply )

@shadowpen: Ahahaa... the very, very SUBTLE implication here is that Eames wears only green because of Ghost XDDD in reality, Ghost once told him that he looked good in green, as sort of a passing thought, so then Eames started to only wear green.
This story really isn't about their romance... it's about Eames and his life. His life just so happens to basically revolve around Ghost.

@shadowpen: .... ahah okay? Have fun

@raziesgirl: It's Ghost's favorite color cause it's the color of Eames' eyes.. XD and it's the color that looks best on him, according to Ghost.

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shadowpen, January 12th, 2015, 11:35 am ( Reply )

heehee poor Eames! XD so I guess Ghostie knows that he only wears green :p not that i'd be surprised by him knowing that :)

shadowpen, January 12th, 2015, 11:46 am ( Reply )

@smudgeart: awwwwwwwww omg that's adorable! XD i could totally see that happening! :) ok well i have to go talk comics now :p

raziesgirl (Guest), January 12th, 2015, 3:21 pm ( Reply )

I just knew it
I knew that green had to be ghost favorite color that's why that's all Eames wear's .

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