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smudgeart, May 26th, 2015, 10:59 am ( Reply )

It's all sparkles and shoujo until there's tongues
Lmao shoot me

Advertisement, September 22nd, 2019, 1:36 pm ( Reply )

smudgeart, May 26th, 2015, 1:21 pm ( Reply )

@LPKid: KIssing is not fun to draw ahaha especially when you're EXHAUSTED. BUt I'm glad it's made you dance.
Yes, he's losing some of those clothes.
And... perhaps. I'm thinking about it, and I asked everyone's opinions on one page, but not many people seemed to have an opinion on 18+ stuff, soooo I'm not entirely sure. There's a chance

@shadowpen: Thanks

@Riaya: Yaaas

@kio4life: Go right ahead

@msbl79: ahaha yeah.. tongue. Tongues aren't fun to draw

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User Comments:

LPKid, May 26th, 2015, 1:19 pm ( Reply )

*squirms and dances in happiness* Yes!! Finally they kiss, and it's got tongue!!

Oooh, is Ghost losing some of this clothes?

I've also been meaning to ask if we will get the pleasure of seeing a sexy scene between these two?

shadowpen, May 26th, 2015, 3:32 pm ( Reply )

yay, kisses! :) hope you're resting and feeling a bit better

Riaya, May 26th, 2015, 6:29 pm ( Reply )


kio4life, May 27th, 2015, 12:34 am ( Reply )

Sorry let me go do my they kiss dance in my little box

msbl79, May 28th, 2015, 6:29 am ( Reply )


*squirms and dances in happiness*



it's got tongue!!

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