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smudgeart, June 18th, 2015, 7:03 pm ( Reply )

I had to do all my mother's fucking work for her and I'm exhausted and two days ago I almost washed my face with my razor ahahaa
HAD to get a page out though, so here you go.
Sex that you think is a dream and that you've been waiting for, for years, isn't kind on your partner's hips, Eames.

Advertisement, September 22nd, 2019, 2:13 pm ( Reply )

smudgeart, June 18th, 2015, 7:10 pm ( Reply )

@TheGhostOfMe: lol what?

@LPKid: eheh Ghost was trying to get up and leave cause he was scared since eames was freaked out, poor thing isn't going anywhere.
But yeah.. Eames is a little too passionate, goodness gracious >_>

@TheGhostOfMe: OOoooo!! I see! Eheh no- that was most CERTAINLY not how Ghost intended to escape eheh >w<

@DreamGazerT: It's a combination of the whole "Eames fucking experienced guys and never sticking around for the outcome", years of this yearning that he never thought he'd be able to act on- but then DOING it... They both got carried away.. You also have to take into consideration that this is Ghost's real first time (i won't count Robyn) with a man, he's pretty fragile, and he's a HUGE CRY BABY. Ghost was perfectly fine when he woke up, but once he tried to stand, and was a little sore in places he wasn't used to, it hit him hard. A normal person wouldn't nearly be in this much pain, but with a combination of everything, it's a little.. exaggerated lol. But don't worry, Eames gets a lot better, a lot more patient and .. well, GOOD. And he's pretty mad at himself for doing this.

@misfits3: lmao maybe

@DreamGazerT: Ehehe, well.. thank you, that does mean a lot.
I get pretty self-conscious about Untitled for this reason exactly. There's a LOOOOT of things in the comic that I... sort of make you guys, as the readers, imply. While sometimes it's a pretty strong implication, sometimes it's more of a compilation of things where I trust you to know the characters and what they're all about. Now, I probably- ahaha- shouldn't do this? Because one, this obviously isn't the only thing on people's minds, and you all are reading one page at a time, and goodness knows that I'm a fucker when it comes to updating. And two, I'm pretty sure that I do a shitty job at it. Buuut, I don't really like telling EVERYTHING, so I'm trying to get better at the balance.
Like this, I was relaying a little more strong on the fact that people would know a few things and put it in their heads.
1. Eames is experienced as hell, and he knows what he's doing. Ghost is not (so he's feeling weird in places that are all new for him).
3.Ghost was 100% fine just before
4. Keeping number 1 in mind, Eames didn't use a condom, which you'd expect of him. It's not even so much that he was overly rough, but he probably didn't prepare like he should have, and he might have been a little too hasty-- no matter how loving and gentle he may(or may not) have been, that would cause issues.
5. Ghost is a HUGE CRYBABY which we've seen over and over again, plus Robyn points out explicitly somewhere.
So, it's not soo much as it was a... "quick fuck" but more an act where they were BOTH way too hasty because of them being idiots with HUGE miscommunication issues. Yes, they get to do it the right way after this, not right this second but the next time. And it's mainly because that first ring of tension between them was finally snapped- and while the tension isn't fully gone yet, it snaps off in sections, and they build and form their way into a nice, healthy relationship.
Sorry I got a little... into it ^^;; eheh if you read all of this I'd give a big hug if I could- ANYONE that reads my long ramblings, honestly. But, yeah... I uh, I wanted to clarify that because I really DO put a lot of thought into this story, and while I'm not the best at telling it, I do try my very hardest.

@shadowpen: lol it LITERALLY gets better in minutes XD he'll be alright. But yes, practice will make things much better~

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LPKid, June 18th, 2015, 7:44 pm ( Reply )

Aw, poor Ghost. I'm sure that's not what he was hoping for.

And Eames. Even if you thought it was dream, you shoulda been a lot easier on him. Too much passion there. XD

I've been kinda MIA the last few pages, but I have to say, the style you've been doing lately with the black marbled background/lines, has been utterly beautiful, and Eames and Ghost have been looking even more amazing. Keep up the awesome work!

DreamGazerT, June 18th, 2015, 9:36 pm ( Reply )

Ghost makes me laugh.
Do you know how... whats the word,lets say passionate, ya passionate works. Do you know how passionate Eames would have had to been to render Ghost a temporary cripple? Bad Eames you don't play that rough with someone you love, I think having sex with those porn-stars has confused Eames to how rough he can be with his playmates. He is going to have to ease up a little if this is to ever become a regular thing.

misfits3, June 18th, 2015, 10:17 pm ( Reply )


DreamGazerT, June 19th, 2015, 12:57 am ( Reply )

I love your comic.
@smudgeart: I love that you put actually thought into things like this. I get really tired of seeing so many characters in so many stories complain about pain the next day when in reality they shouldn't be in pain. So many people don't seem to realize that pain is only caused when people rush into things or are to tense( or the obvious of one person being to big or being rough on purpose.)It is nice to see an artist who has some sense and I am glad that one day Ghost and Eames will get to experience sex that is more than a "quick fuck".(if you'll excuse my language). And I agree that Being with Robyn doesn't count as his first time because he had no say, and little participation in it.

shadowpen, June 19th, 2015, 8:09 am ( Reply )

awww poor boys XD it'll be better with practice, I'm sure :p oh Eames, you silly

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