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smudgeart, July 22nd, 2015, 11:19 am ( Reply )

I am never doing colored outlines again lolololol

Anyway- yeah, Ghost is a little shit, Thi totally drags EVERYTHING out of him, and Eames' gonna clear up with her some of Ghost's.. exaggerations XD
Ps. Thi, calling people sluts aren't nice, support those that are sexually active pls

Advertisement, September 19th, 2019, 9:31 am ( Reply )

smudgeart, July 22nd, 2015, 11:35 am ( Reply )

@Blah2989: It's been over 4 months since his last "binge" so to speak. Eames is actually a very, very smart guy (something that will be explained in the next chapter actually, or the one after if it gets too long) so tjust wait and see! I tried to get the hair growth and the clothing to show that it's more autumn now, where as the beginning of the story was late spring/early summer. So yes, he's checked himself for HIV/AIDS as well, and after about 6-7 months, he'll do it again :>
Also, Ghost needs to be checked AS WELL, considering that he had (forced) intercourse with Robyn, without a condom(which on binges eames ALWAYS uses). So while he was checked, he'll also be getting checked again just in case.

@Alybee271@gmail.com: AWW THANK YOU *hugs to eternity* you have no idea how many times I feel really, really down about my art, and then just look at the first pages of Untitled. It really is- and I have to admit it cause there's no way NOT to- a HUGE gap in learning and improvement, and it makes me really, really happy when I think about it. For someone to point it out means the world, really thank you SOOO much >///<

@TheGhostOfMe: lol Eames is doing it wrong, Seme's aren't supposed to blush that much.
And yeah.. Ghost might be a little.. dramatic XD Eames knows this though~ but maybe this wasn't the situation for it, the silly thing

@warren1965: Oooooohhh my gosh that's the sweetest thing EVER >////< you don't know how HAPPY it makes me to know that my comic makes you think and wonder about things that happen between the characters, and their motives and things. I try to imply a lot, because story telling isn't good when you jsut TELL everything, right??? AHhhhhh I know a lot of people dont want to do that but to know that you're not doing it for comprehension but because you LIKE IT and just >///< you've made me REALLY REALLY happy thank you oh my gosh
ANyway- I'll answer you now ahahaa. Yes, for all of it. Thi knew SOMETHING was up cause Ghost was unnaturally bubbly and happy, or maybe even he just blurted it out in his sleepy state. Either way, it didn't take much for Ghost to spill all the beans, and he was sort of bragging a bit (let's be honest here, who wouldn't). Thi is totally overreacting a bit, since Ghost is the youngest of them all, and they've all sort of always taken care of him... also, she wants to make sure that Eames is going about this the right way- because she DAMN well didn't wait this long for the two of them to get together, just for Eames to muck it up with his "stupidity". She's figuring out dynamics, and Eames is gonna give 'em to her in the next couple of pages :>

@warren1965: Oh my gosh you're so sweet, you've literally made my day >//< thank you I'm really, REALLY happy I could have made you happy with this story, even just a bit.
You're going to be wondering a lot about Eames.. why he sucks so bad at communication when he can speak ANY language, why he's so people dumb but actually smart??? He's just.. he's any endearing bundle of contradictions~ (one that actually will continue being like that to Harley the porn star, cause expect to see more of him and Ewan x3)
also, juuuust wait for it.. I have a vERY special fate in store for Robyn ^^ it's coming soon, and I hope dearly that it's to yours, and everyone's satisfaction.. I certainly will be very satisfied once I get to draw the reveal of that.

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Blah2989, July 22nd, 2015, 11:27 am ( Reply )

But HIV/AIDS can't even be detected for 3-6 months at the earliest! Bad Eames! But yes bad Ghost for all your exaggerations.

Alybee271@gmail.com, July 22nd, 2015, 12:24 pm ( Reply )

This page looks so good! She you compare this to your earlier pages (around chapter ten) the difference is incredible. Your art has matured so much :)

warren1965, July 22nd, 2015, 5:05 pm ( Reply )

A little slack cutting maybe in order for Ghost. He finally gets Eames so he tells Thi who has been shipping the two of them for awhile now. And could it be Thi is over reacting just a tad until she figures out the new dynamic between 2 of the most important people in her life? And yes Smudge your story is compelling enough I spend the time wondering this kind of stuff :)

warren1965, July 22nd, 2015, 6:01 pm ( Reply )

:) I am glad to share some of the happiness you have given me by sharing your story and art. Seriously though Eames you can speak any friggin' language why do you suck so much at communication? Even if that contradiction is part of why I like him so much. That and the total smack down of not remembering the sex with porn stars scene, suck it Robyn.

You really should have something vile happen to Robyn.

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