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smudgeart, September 22nd, 2015, 9:16 pm ( Reply )

So sorry this isn't an update but I spent ALL DAY (almost) on this fucking picture and I am SO PROUD OF IT I needed to post it.. I haven't felt this good about a piece of my art in a long, long time and I'm really-REALLY happy with it. Took so long because designing clothes SUCKS, and also I taught myself a new way of drawing lace??? Which I really, really like. Soooo.. yeah >w<

Advertisement, September 22nd, 2019, 1:07 pm ( Reply )

smudgeart, September 22nd, 2015, 10:02 pm ( Reply )

@random-squid: Thanks!!! >w<

@Malla: Ehehe thanks >w< it looks kinda simple at first but then you REALLY look and it's like 'ah i see why this took so long hohoho'

@DragonChild: Thanks~~ Imagine patience- the same lace details are in the brassier, you just can't see it cause it's colored in! Plus the lace ends that are along the hems.. but I think it was totally worth it :>

@butter-bane: Thank yoooou~~~

@TheGhostOfMe: THANK YOU!! I like her eyes too.. I kinda just like coloring eyes though xD''' it's fun

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random-squid, September 22nd, 2015, 10:01 pm ( Reply )

this is really good!
i especially love the skirt and the hair!!!!

Malla, September 23rd, 2015, 1:13 am ( Reply )

Bro, it looks so nice!
Look at them details, woah O.O

DragonChild, September 23rd, 2015, 2:20 am ( Reply )

I love your detail in the skirt. I can't believe u had the patience for that. Id die. I have no patience at all. Good work!

butter-bane, September 23rd, 2015, 3:22 am ( Reply )

OMG I love it! She's so prettyyy!

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