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smudgeart, May 11th, 2016, 9:59 pm ( Reply )

I finally started to draw again.. this isn't finished, it's a WIP. Didn't shade the bone staff, didn't add any floaty crystals, there's no highlights ANYWHERE, and there's no BG... but so far? I'm really, really liking the way it's turning out.

Anyway, this is Yanai, he's a mage, and he's a cutie pie. I saw this picture on the interwebs, and it was this GIRL doing this pose (kind of anyway, she was standing a bit more upright with her chest out, and her hands were turned a little different) and the BONES. God, it was perfect. I had this idea for Yanai's staff, cause he's a Seer, but of Death (this is all a story that's been in my head, and only explained to my friend Mushi so). The staff was gonna be made out of disjointed bones that looked almost inky, and that moved fluidly like they were tied together by a thin thread, and it has all these lovely purple things. Well... this picture was like perfect??? So I used it as a ref, is what I'm saying. No, I didn't copy it, I stopped tracing shit once I made it through an entire card-captor sakura book in like second grade. Buuuuut, I explain this story, because I don't actually know where I got the picture. So if this looks familiar to anyone, and you have a link for me, I'd LOVE it if you could shoot it to me. I'd like to put it up here to credit the artist, because I did draw the inspiration for this particular picture from their work.

Anyway, have a cute little mage-y-poo. I'm leaving college this coming friday, only two days left! Tomorrow morning is my last final. So, I'll hopefully be able to draw a LOT more, and even start up another comic. I have too many ideas, I can't really pick one (it's such a problem). I wanna do this rendition of Untitled, but coming up with a very cohesive plot for these characters is like impossible, cause they're tied together in odd ways. It'll come eventually, though, don't worry. I might start a project in the meantime, just to keep my hands busy while I continue to try to iron out Untitled. Maybe I'll be able to do that sooner though, who knows. Either way, major story and character changes so it's sort of like *shrugs*.

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